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What is a bearded dragon?

A bearded dragon is a species of lizard native to Australia, known for its distinctive beard-like appearance when it puffs up its throat in a display of territorial aggression or to regulate its body temperature. They are popular as pets due to their ease of care, docile nature and distinctive appearance.

A fun fact about bearded dragons is that they are known for their unique “beard” display, where they puff up the skin under their chin to make it look like a beard. This is used as a means of communication, especially during mating season or when they feel threatened. Additionally, bearded dragons are also capable of changing color, with hues ranging from browns and grays to bright yellows and oranges, and they can darken or lighten their skin depending on their mood or environment.

What kind of bearded dragon should you get?

Bearded dragons have several morphs or genetic variations that have been selectively bred for unique traits and characteristics, including leatherback, German Giant, Translucent, Hypomelanistic, and Dunner. These morphs can vary in appearance, but their care requirements remain the same. Some morphs are larger, have a more muscular build, a rough or bumpy texture, lighter or reduced pigmentation, or a more muted coloration compared to the typical bright orange and yellow markings seen in bearded dragons.

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