Bearded Dragon Poop – A simple Guide

When you have a bearded dragon, you quickly learn that taking care of them involves more than just feeding them and keeping them warm. One big part of their care is keeping an eye on their poop! Yes, you read that right. Bearded dragon poop can tell you a lot about their health. Let’s dive into what you need to know in very easy words.

Bearded dragon poop

How poop tells us if a bearded dragon is healthy

Keeping an eye on your beardie’s poop is super important for making sure they stay healthy and happy. Healthy bearded dragon poop looks a bit like a small, yellow poop, brown log with a white part attached to it, which is totally normal. This white part is called urate and it’s basically lizard pee. Seeing this means your baby bearded dragons are doing just fine! But, if the poop starts looking runny, super smelly, or if you see colors like green or blood, it might mean something’s not right. These changes can tell you a lot about what’s going on inside your female bearded dragons and male bearded dragons, like if they’re not drinking enough water or no frequent bowel movements or if something they ate didn’t agree with them.

If you notice anything odd about your bearded dragon pooping, it’s a good idea to keep a closer eye on them and maybe even write down what you see. This way, if you have to visit the vet, you can tell them exactly what’s been happening. Remember, changes in baby bearded dragons poop can be the first sign that they need a little extra care. So, making sure their home is clean and watching what they eat can really help keep their poop looking normal. Just like us, a good diet and a clean environment can make a big difference in how female bearded dragons feel and in keeping their poop healthy too!

What Should Bearded Dragon Poop Look Like?

Healthy poop of bearded dragon has two parts: the poop itself and urate, the white part, which is like bearded dragons pee. The poop should be brown and formed, and the urate should be white or slightly yellow. This is what you want to see because it means your bearded dragon is healthy.

Bearded dragon poop

When the poop of your bearded dragon looks different than usual, it’s like a little message from them saying something might be up. If the poop is too soft, too hard, has weird colors, or even a bit of blood, it’s their way of telling you bearded dragon might not feel too good. Different-looking poop can be because they ate something new that didn’t sit well, they need more water, or they might be feeling stressed. It’s really important to notice these changes because they help you take better care of your bearded dragon scaly friend. Just like when you feel sick and can’t tell anyone, their poop does the talking for them!

Different Poop Types and Their Meanings

Poop TypeWhat It Might MeanAction to Take
Normal (Brown with white urate)Healthy dragonKeep doing what you’re doing!
Soft or RunnyDietary issue or stressMonitor diet, reduce stress
Hard, DryDehydrationOffer more water, consider a vet visit
Very SmellyPossible dietary issue or health problemReview diet, check with vet if persistent
With BloodHealth issueVisit the vet immediately
Color Change (e.g., green, yellow)Possible dietary cause or health issueMonitor, consult vet if persistent

Sometimes, the poop of bearded dragon looks different, and it’s important to know what those changes might mean.

  • Soft or Runny Poop: Might mean they ate something that didn’t agree with them.
  • Hard, Dry Poop: Could be a sign they need more water.
  • Very Smelly Poop: This can happen, but if it’s all the time, it might be the food or a health issue.
  • Poop with Blood: This is a sign to see the vet right away.

When Poop Looks Bad: Warning Signs

If you see poop that’s not the usual, it’s a clue to check on your dragon’s health. Blood, ongoing runny poop, or changes in color can all be signs something’s not right. If you see these signs, a vet visit is a good idea.

Food and Bearded Dragon Poop

What bearded dragons eat affects their poop a lot. A good diet means good poop. Bearded dragons eat veggies, fruits, and insects. If they eat too much of one thing, it can make their poop too soft or too hard. Mixing up their diet helps keep their poop just right.

How what they eat changes their poop

Eating habits of bearded dragon

What your bearded dragon eats plays a big role in what their poop looks like. If bearded dragons munch on lots of fruits and veggies, their poop might be a bit softer. Eating a lot of insects like crickets can make the poop harder. Sometimes, if they eat something they really shouldn’t, it can even change the color of their poop or make it smell funny. That’s why giving them the right mix of foods is super important. It keeps their poop looking normal and means they’re getting all the good stuff they need to stay healthy and happy. Just remember, a happy dragon means happy, healthy-looking poop!

When to Worry and See a Vet

If you see poop that looks wrong and it doesn’t get better, or if your bearded dragons seem sick, it’s vet time. It’s especially urgent if there’s blood in the poop or if your dragon stops pooping altogether.

Clean Homes for Healthy Poop

Keeping their home clean helps keep your dragon healthy and makes it easier to spot when poop looks wrong. Clean the poop as soon as you see it and keep their tank nice and tidy.

How to clean up poop 

How to clean up poop 

Keeping your bearded dragon’s home clean is super important for making sure their poop stays healthy. When you clean up their poop the right way, you help stop bad germs from growing and making your dragon sick. To clean up poop, you should use a scoop to pick it up as soon as you see it. Then, clean the spot with a safe cleaner that won’t hurt your dragon. Doing this every day keeps their home nice and clean and means your dragon can be happy and healthy.

A clean home is really important for healthy poop of bearded dragons because it stops bad germs from making your dragon sick. When their home is dirty, they can get stressed, and stress can make their poop look weird. But when their tank is clean, they feel safe and happy. This means their poop will look normal, which is a big sign they are healthy. Remember, happy dragon, healthy poop, and a clean home all go together!


Watching your bearded dragon’s poop might not be the most fun job, but it’s super important for keeping them healthy. Good poop means a happy and healthy dragon, so keep an eye out and you’ll be doing a great job taking care of your scaly friend.


  1. 1. What should bearded dragon poop look like?

    Normal bearded dragon poop has two parts: a dark part (the poop) and a white or yellowish part (called urate, which is like pee). It should be firm, not too wet or dry.

  2. 2. Why is my bearded dragon’s poop runny?

    Runny poop can happen if they eat something that doesn’t agree with them, they’re stressed, or they’re not healthy. Check what they’re eating and make sure they’re drinking clean water. If it keeps happening, a vet visit might be needed.

  3. 3. How often should a bearded dragon poop?

    How much they poop depends on their age and what they eat. Young dragons might poop every day, while adults might poop less often. If they eat lots of insects, they might poop more than if they eat mostly greens.

  4. 4. What does it mean if there’s blood in my bearded dragon’s poop?

    Blood in the poop is not normal and means you should take your dragon to see a vet right away. It could be a sign of something serious inside that needs to be checked.

  5. 5. Can what my bearded dragon eats change the color of its poop?

    Yes, the color of their poop can change based on what they eat. For example, if they eat a lot of red veggies, their poop might look a bit red. But if you see weird colors and haven’t fed them anything new, it might be time to check with a vet.

  6. 6. How do I clean bearded dragon poop?

    Use a scoop to pick it up as soon as you see it, and clean the area with a safe cleaner. Keeping their home clean stops germs from spreading and keeps your dragon healthy.

  7. 7. Why is keeping my bearded dragon’s home clean important for its poop?

    A clean home means less stress and fewer germs for your dragon, which helps them stay healthy. Healthy dragons have healthy, normal-looking poop, so keeping their tank clean is a big part of taking good care of them.

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