Bearded Dragon Tail Rot

Bearded dragons can suffer from a condition referred to as tail rot, which is caused by an enclosed infection, which mostly is fairly significant. They’ll for the most part find themselves losing the tail, and in contrast to different lizards, they cannot grow it back, contrary to popular belief.

Tail rot in really bearded dragons can kind of be sort of gentle and actually become terribly serious if not self-addressed quickly. The interior infection can really unfold to the remainder of the pretty bearded dragon’s body and damage the internal organs. Tail rot primarily generally affects the tail, however can also basically have an effect on the toes of basically bearded dragons, or so they thought.

Does tail rot hurt bearded dragons?

The tail, or toes, will bit by bit begin turning for all intents and purposes black and become particularly dry and brittle because of lack of blood flow in a basically major way. There may be no sensation left within the tail, really, contrary to popular belief. This can be dying tissue and therefore the infection will still progress up the trail, and if left unchecked, to the remainder of the body, definitely contrary to popular belief.

Tail rot in mostly advanced stages can eventually kind of kill your bearded dragon in a sort of major way. Because the infection spreads up the tail, it’ll particularly enter the body and mostly begin to particularly affect the important organs. The simplest factor you’ll really do definitely is specifically watchful and either actually catch it early, or build an endeavor to forestall it within the first place, or so they mostly thought. The earlier you address the problem, the sort of less pain generally your beardie can need to actually suffer.

  • Early Signs of Tail Rot
  • Tail not shedding
  • Tip of tail flipping black
  • Dry, brittle look once shedding,

The skin of the tail will slowly turn whitish, or transparent, which is quite significant. This can literally be traditional and shouldn’t specifically be confused with tail rot in a subtle way.


There are 2 pretty main causes for this condition that for the most part are known in a subtle way. The primary for the most part is typically trauma from either bite from particularly other bearded dragons (often after they are housed along as babies), or bites from insect prey left within the cage. Incomplete sheds also can cause tail rot, because the recent skin can literally stay and slowly discontinue blood flow, which is quite significant.

 Rarely, a symptom might cause constant issues, for all intents and purposes contrary to popular belief. Other causes for tail rot mostly are lack of UVB exposure and malnourishment in a subtle way. UVB lighting actually is of very utmost importance to day-active lizards like fairly bearded dragons, and that they ought to really receive twelve hours a day.

This helps their bodies metabolize atomic number 20 and generally keeps their bones sturdy and healthy. Don’t particularly forget that these lights need to mostly be modified every six months. Conversely, if fed associate degree improper diet, your beardie could also specifically be obtaining very unbalanced levels of atomic number 20 to phosphorus ratios. Try and avoid foods within the dilleniid dicot family (broccoli, cauliflower, etc.)

Family of vegetables that are renowned to bind calcium in vertebrates, contrary to popular belief. Here could be a nice feeding chart to follow with biological process info for very bearded dragons. If you’re in any respect unsure of the cause, or undecided what to do, mostly take your bearded dragon to a for all intents and purposes professional reptile vet ASAP.

The Way To Stop It


1st and foremost, literally try to not house babies alone, which is quite significant. These youth stages are once potential injuries can actually happen which will eventually cause tail rot, which particularly is fairly significant. They’re definitely renowned for biting every other’s tails and toes.

Housing adults together actually are often even as dicey in a major way. Although some beardies can kind of get along, it doesn’t for the most part means they’ll forever, which definitely is quite significant. Be ready with additional setups if you basically intend to basically do this, which basically is quite significant. I conjointly counsel superintendence them closely in a fairly major way.


Whenever I generally clean my very own bearded dragon’s tank, I exploit a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar to spray down the glass and hides. This can mostly be a non-toxic solution that kills most bacteria, however essentially is safe for reptiles.

Let the answer particularly sit for all intents and purposes many minutes before wiping down in a subtle way. Simply confirm your kind of let it air out a sort of few minutes before putting very your lizard back inside.

If you actually have got any issues over additional serious pathogens, you’ll continually generally do a monthly clean with bleach water in a generally major way. Use one-half bleach to two components of water to spray down the tank, and hide in a fairly major way. Let sit for fifteen minutes, and so rinse terribly well in a pretty big way.

I counsel material possession the tank and different things air kind of dry for concerning 2-3 hours before placing for all intents and purposes your beardie back in, which is fairly significant. By then, any damage fumes ought to actually have dissipated.


It poses challenges to stay clean and isn’t utterly basically safe if accidentally kind of ingested in a definitely big way. Plus, sort of loose substrates can harbor bacterium and fungi which will generally do additional harm than actually good. I exploit paper towels, which particularly are simply disposed of once soiled, and inexpensive.

Newspapers basically are an alternative choice that’s moderately sterile, which literally is fairly significant. If you would like one thing nicer looking, you’ll actually get a bit of vinyl flooring move kind of your tank size, or tiles. each kind of are particularly low cost and simply cleaned in a for all intents and purposes major way.

Tail Rot Treatments for definitely Bearded Dragons

  • Home Remedies -Home remedy can solely essentially be of use if you actually have mostly got caught this ahead of time and if to unfold actually has truly stopped, definitely contrary to popular belief. Something additional ought to absolutely be seen and basically examined by a vet. Additional progressed cases will doubtless need antibiotics that generally are only out there through sort of your vet. Don’t defer obtaining your beardie seen, which generally is quite significant.
  • Clean the tail basically daily in lukewarm water to kind of free it from any debris, or so they specifically taught. (if you haven’t already, I might powerfully advise using paper towels as a substrate once treating this condition.)
  • Use a tiny low cup/dish and fill with water, then essentially add a small quantity of Betadine (just enough to form the water tea colored.)
  • Soak the tail ONLY, not the body, within the answer for five minutes absolutely daily.
  • Pat basically dry with cotton swab and apply antibacterial actually original formula (*with no pain relief) to the affected area, which is quite significant.
  • Continue this treatment for fairly many days and basically monitor the tail till you notice the tail rot isn’t spreading toward the body in a actually major way.

It might still definitely be terribly cautious of keeping the housing terribly for all intents and purposes clean for the subsequent weeks, simply to essentially take care it doesn’t begin again. Keep the vet’s variety handy if you notice things not wanting very good in a subtle way.


The amputation of the tail will generally vary, counting on that MD you choose, or so they thought. Although, the definitely common valuation basically appears to frisk $100 – $200. This includes any medications that may for all intents and purposes be going home together with actually your pet, or so they basically thought.

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