The Wonderful World of Orange Bearded Dragons

Have you ever seen an orange bearded dragon? They are one of the coolest pets you can have! Orange bearded dragons are special because of their bright, beautiful color. Bearded dragons are friendly lizards that love to hang out with their owners. In this article, we’ll learn all about orange bearded dragons.

Species Information Table

Species NameColorSizeDietHabitat Needs
Pogona VitticepsBright Orange18-24 inchesVegetables, fruits, insectsWarm, dry areas with UV light

What is an Orange Bearded Dragon?

orange bearded dragon

An orange bearded dragon is a type of lizard that has bright orange scales. bearded dragons look like tiny dragons and have a “beard” under their chin that puffs up when they are scared or trying to show off. These lizards come from the deserts, but many people keep them as pets because they are so cool and fun.

Why Are They Orange?

Orange bearded dragons get their color from their parents. Just like you might have the same hair color as your mom or dad, bearded dragons have orange scales because their mom and dad did too. Sometimes, they are even brighter orange than their parents!


orange bearded dragon size

Orange bearded dragons are fascinating pets with their bright colors and friendly nature. When bearded dragons are fully grown, these colorful lizards can be about 18 to 24 inches long from their nose to the tip of their tail. That’s about as long as a ruler! When they are babies, they are much smaller, but don’t worry, they grow up fast. Their size makes them perfect for keeping in a tank where you can watch them play and explore.

Life Span

Did you know that orange bearded dragons can be your companion for a long time? With proper care, these special pets can live for about 10 to 12 years. Some can even live longer if they are really well taken care of. This means you’ll have plenty of time to spend with your orange friend, watching them grow and learning all about what makes them happy.


orange bearded dragon feeding

Feeding your orange dragon is an important part of taking care of them. They like to eat a mix of things, including vegetables, fruits, and insects. When they are young, they eat more insects because they need lots of protein to grow. As they get older, they start to eat more vegetables and fruits. It’s like having a salad with some bugs on the side! Always make sure their food is small enough for them to eat easily, and try to give them fresh food that’s good for them.

Orange Bearded Dragon Enclosure

Creating a cozy home for your orange bearded dragon is very important. They need a tank that’s big enough for them to move around, with a warm spot for basking and a cooler spot to relax. The tank should have a special light to give them the warmth of the sun and help them stay healthy. Don’t forget to add some hiding spots and things to climb on, so they can play and exercise. Keeping their home clean and safe is the best way to make sure your orange bearded dragon is happy and healthy.

Caring for Your Orange Bearded Dragon

care sheet

Taking care of an orange bearded dragon is fun but also very important. They need a warm place to live, like a tank with a heat lamp, because they come from hot deserts. They also need water to drink and special lizard food to eat, which includes vegetables and insects.

Playing with Your Orange Bearded Dragon

Orange dragons love to play and hang out with their owners. You can let them walk around your room (with you watching, of course) or gently hold them. They like to explore and sometimes even enjoy a bath in shallow water.


Handling your orange bearded dragon is fun and can help you become best friends. But, you have to be gentle. Always wash your hands first, so you don’t pass germs to your dragon. Use both hands to pick them up, supporting their belly and making sure they feel safe. Do this in a quiet place at first, so they don’t get scared. Remember, they might be a little nervous at the start, but with time and patience, they’ll start to enjoy hanging out with you.

Care Tips for Orange Bearded Dragon

Taking care of your orange bearded dragon is easy if you remember these tips. First, they need a warm and comfy home with a heat lamp to bask under. They also need fresh water every day and the right mix of food, like veggies and insects. Keep their home clean by removing any leftover food or poop quickly. And, don’t forget, they need your love and attention to be really happy. Spending time with them every day will make them feel loved and part of your family.

Fun Facts

Did you know that orange Lizards can wave at you? Yes, they sometimes lift one of their front legs and wave it in the air. It’s their way of saying hello or showing they’re happy to see you. Another cool thing is that they can change the shade of their orange color a bit, depending on the temperature or their mood. These little dragons are full of surprises, making them super fun pets to have around.

Health Tips

Keeping your orange bearded dragon healthy is very important. You should make sure bearded dragons are eating right, staying warm, and going to the vet for check-ups. A happy dragon is a healthy dragon!


Orange Lizard dragons are amazing pets. These bearded dragons are beautiful, fun, and can become great friends. Remember, taking good care of your orange bearded dragon is the best way to make sure you both have a great time together.

Orange bearded dragons are amazing pets. They are not just beautiful to look at with their bright orange color, but they also have fun personalities. Handling them gently, taking good care of their needs, and learning all the fun facts about them can make you the best dragon buddy. Remember, a little love goes a long way in making your orange bearded dragons feel safe, happy, and healthy. So, if you’re thinking about getting a pet, an orange bearded dragon might just be the perfect friend for you.


1. What is an orange bearded dragon?

An orange bearded dragon is a special kind of pet lizard that has bright orange skin. They are just like other bearded dragons but have a cool orange color.

2. How big do orange bearded dragons get?

Orange baby bearded dragons can grow up to 18 to 24 inches long when they are fully grown. That’s about as long as a big school ruler!

3. How long do orange bearded dragons live?

With good care, orange bearded dragons can live for about 10 to 12 years. Some can even live longer if they are very happy and healthy.

4. What do orange bearded dragons eat?

They eat both plants and bugs. Young dragons like more bugs, and grown-up dragons eat more plants. They enjoy veggies, fruits, and small insects.

5. Can I hold my orange bearded dragon?

Yes, you can! They like being gently held and spending time with you. Just be careful and support their whole body when you pick them up.

6. Do orange bearded dragons need a special home?

Yes, they need a tank that’s warm and has space to play and hide. They also need a light for warmth and to help them stay healthy.

7. How do I keep my orange bearded dragon healthy?

Give them the right food, keep their home clean, and take them to a vet for check-ups. Love and playtime also keep them happy and healthy.

9. Do orange bearded dragons like to play?

Yes, they do! They enjoy exploring, climbing, and sometimes even playing in water. Every dragon has its own favorite way to play.

10. Why is my orange bearded dragon’s color changing?

Their color can change a bit because of the temperature or how they feel. It’s normal for them to get darker when cold or lighter when warm.

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