White bearded dragon – Care Sheet and Health Tips

A white bearded dragon is a unique and special kind of pet. These cool creatures and fascinating creatures are a type of bearded dragon that stands out because of their striking white color. In this article, we’re going to talk all about how to take care of a white bearded dragon morphs so you can make sure your scaly friend is happy and healthy.

white bearded dragon

So, what exactly is a white bearded dragon? Bearded dragons are lizards that originally come from Australia. They’re called “bearded” because of the flap of skin under their chin that looks a bit like a beard, especially when they puff it out. The white lizard is a variety that has a beautiful white or very light color. This unique coloring makes them quite popular and special among bearded dragon morphs enthusiasts. They are just like other bearded dragons in many ways, but their striking appearance sets them apart.

What is a White Bearded Dragon?

A white bearded dragon is a special kind of lizard that looks really cool. Just like its name says, it has a beard, but not a real one made of hair. Its “beard” is made of spiky skin that can puff out. What’s really neat about the white bearded dragon is its color. Most bearded dragons are not white, so the white ones are unique and very pretty to look at.

These lizards come from faraway places like Australia, where they live in hot and dry spots. The white bearded dragon morphs is not just special because of its color. It’s also because it’s not something you see every day. People who like reptiles and have them as good pets often find the white ones really cool. They are just like other bearded dragons but have a rare color that makes them stand out.

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Choosing a White Bearded Dragon

First things first, getting a white bearded dragon is exciting! These special pets are known for their cool, calm demeanor and unique appearance. When picking one, you want to make sure you get a healthy and happy lizard.

Tips on How to Choose a Healthy White Bearded Dragon

Choosing a white bearded dragon

Look for a lively and alert bearded dragon. Their skin should be clean and smooth, without any sores or bumps. Bright, clear eyes and a well-rounded body (not too thin, but not overweight) are signs of good health. They should also be curious and responsive to their surroundings.

What to Look for in a Pet Store or From a Breeder

When you’re at a pet store or visiting a breeder, pay attention to how to keep the bearded dragon morphs? Their living area should be clean and well-maintained. Ask the seller questions about the bearded dragon’s age, diet, and health history. A reputable seller will be happy to share this information with you.

Setting Up a Home for Your White Bearded Dragon

White bearded dragon enclosure

Creating the right environment is crucial for your white bearded dragon’s health and happiness.

Type of Tank or Enclosure

Your dragon needs space to move, explore, and relax. A 40-gallon tank is a good start for one dragon. Make sure it’s secure and has plenty of room for your pet to grow.

Lighting and Temperature

Proper lighting with uvb lighting and temperature are vital. Bearded dragons enjoy basking in warm light, so provide a basking spot with a temperature of 95 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooler side of the tank should be around 85 degrees. At night, the temperature can drop to 65 degrees. Don’t forget a UVB light source for their health! Read more on : Creative Bearded Dragon Tank Ideas

What Type of Bedding to Use

Types of bearded dragon

Choose a safe substrate like reptile carpet, tiles, or newspaper. Avoid sand or gravel to prevent accidental ingestion, which can lead to health issues.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure your bearded dragon morphs thrives in its new home. With the right care and attention, your bearded dragon morphs will be a joyful companion for years to come. Enjoy the journey of pet parenthood with your unique and beautiful white bearded dragon!

Feeding Your White Bearded Dragon

Feeding your white bearded dragon the right food is crucial for its health. But don’t worry, it’s not difficult!

What White Bearded Dragons Eat

These bearded dragons are not picky eaters. They enjoy a diet of vegetables, fruits, and insects. Good vegetable options include leafy greens like kale and spinach, and they love munching on carrots and squash too. For a treat, offer them fruits like apples and berries. Don’t forget the insects – crickets and mealworms are their favorites!

Offer a Simple Feeding Schedule

A simple feeding schedule helps keep your dragon healthy. Young dragons need to eat more often, about three times a day, because they are growing. Adult dragons do well with eating once a day. Always remove uneaten food to keep their home clean.

Importance of Water and Hydration

Just like us, white dragons need water to stay hydrated. Keep a shallow dish of fresh water in their tank at all times. Some dragons might not drink much from the dish but misting them lightly with water can help keep them hydrated. Read more on Bearded Dragon Food , how long can a bearded dragon go without eating

Keeping Your White Bearded Dragon Healthy

healthy Tips

A healthy dragon is a happy dragon. Here are some tips to make sure your white bearded dragon stays in top shape.

Basic Health Care Tips

Keep their living space clean and at the right temperature. A clean home prevents diseases, and the right temperature helps them digest their food. Also, ensure they get enough UVB light for vitamin D.

Healthy vs. An Unhealthy White Bearded Dragon

A healthy dragon is active, has bright eyes and red eyes, and eats well. Their skin should be clear, and they should be alert. An unhealthy dragon might not eat, could have cloudy eyes, or show unusual spots on their skin. If they seem less active or lose weight suddenly, these could be signs they are not feeling well.

When to Visit a Vet

If you notice any signs of illness, it’s important to visit a vet who knows about reptiles. They can give you expert advice and treatment to help your bearded dragon get back to being healthy.

Caring for a white bearded dragon is a wonderful experience. By following these simple feeding and health care tips, you will ensure your pet thrives. Enjoy the journey with your unique and beautiful companion!

Playing and Bonding with Your White Bearded Dragon

handling of white bearded dragon

Bonding with your white Lizard is important for both of you. It helps your dragon feel safe and happy, and it’s a great way for you to enjoy your pet’s company. But how do you start? It’s all about gentle interaction and patience.

Interaction with Your White Bearded Dragon

Start by spending time near your dragon’s tank every day. Talk to them in a soft voice so they get used to your presence and voice. Then, you can slowly start to introduce your hand into their tank, they will get attach with your scent and touch.


When your bearded dragon seems comfortable with your hand, you can try gently picking them up. Support their body by placing one hand under their belly and use the other hand to support their legs and tail. Always move slowly and gently to avoid startling them.

Activities They Enjoy

White bearded dragons enjoy a variety of activities. You can let them explore a safe room under your supervision, or create a play area with objects they can climb on or hide under. Some dragons might even enjoy a lukewarm bath. Watching their behavior will tell you what they like and don’t like. Remember, every dragon has its own personality!


Bonding with your white bearded dragon can be a rewarding experience. By interacting with them regularly, handling them gently, and engaging in activities they enjoy, you’ll not only provide your dragon with a stimulating environment but also develop a strong, loving relationship. Your white bearded dragon is not just a pet; it’s a friend who offers unique companionship. Enjoy every moment with your scaly buddy, and cherish the bond you build together.


  1. 1. What is a white bearded dragon?

    A white bearded dragon is a special type of bearded dragon with a lighter, almost white coloration. They are the same as other bearded dragons, just with a unique color that makes them stand out.

  2. 2. Can white bearded dragons change color?

    Yes, like other bearded dragons, white ones can change their color a bit, especially when they are regulating their body temperature or showing their mood, but they won’t change from white to another color completely.

  3. 3. How big do white bearded dragons get?

    These bearded dragons can grow to be about 18 to 24 inches long, including their tail, when they are fully grown. This usually happens by the time they are about 18 months old.

  4. 4. What do white bearded dragons eat?

    They eat a mix of plants and insects. Good foods include dark leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits, along with insects like crickets and mealworms. Young dragons eat more insects, while adults eat more plants.

  5. 5. How often should I feed my white bearded dragon?

    Feed young dragons (under a year old) three times a day, and adult dragons once a day. Always adjust the amount of food based on their appetite and body condition.

  6. 6. Do white bearded dragons need companions?

    No, bearded dragons are solitary by nature. They do well on their own and can become stressed if housed with another dragon, especially in a space that’s too small.

  7. 7. How do I know if my white bearded dragon is healthy?

    A healthy white bearded dragon is active, has bright eyes, eats regularly, and has clear skin. They should also be responsive to their environment and not show signs of distress or lethargy.

  8. 8. How long do white bearded dragons live?

    With proper care, Lizard dragons can live for about 10 to 15 years in captivity. Some have even lived longer with exceptional care.

  9. 9. Do white bearded dragons like to be handled?

    Yes, most white bearded dragons can enjoy being handled once they get used to their owners. Start with short sessions and always handle them gently to build trust.

  10. 10. What kind of habitat do I need for a white bearded dragon?

    They need a well-ventilated tank with a warm basking area (95-110°F) and a cooler area (85°F). Include a UVB light for their health, and use safe bedding like reptile carpet or tiles. The tank should be at least 40 gallons for one dragon.

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